Choose Monero As Your Next Investment Strategy

Monero or the XMR occupies the ninth position in the cryptocurrency industry. Its value is currently swaying somewhere between the U.S $102 and $150. Presently it has a market capitalization of about $1,941,326,080 with a trading volume of about $37,100,650 in just 24 trading hours. The main reasons why people today prefer the privacy coin – Monero (XMR) over to other cryptocurrencies are that it is:

  • Private
  • Un-linkable
  • Untraceable
  • Resistant to transaction analysis

These features make Monero (XMR) an outstanding coin and this has been contributed to its underlying technology that makes use of ring signatures (RCT Technology) & stealth addresses, what we now call the “Multilayered Linkable Spontaneous Anonymous Group” or the MLSAG Tech for short. It makes the sender’s address, receiver’s address, and the transaction amount completely anonymous, thus remaining true to its later name – the privacy coin.

However, beyond all this, the most important reason why many users who shunned Bitcoins are now taking to Monero (XMR) is mainly that the privacy coin – Monero (XMR), does not make use of the technology adopted in the creation of Bitcoin. Rather it is entirely based on a very mature and evolved code quite different from Bitcoin and other open source distributed networks. This is another significant reason why many people are giving Monero (XMR) a second thought.

More Good News For Monero (XMR) Investors

  • The number of people using Monero (XMR) has increased and they prefer to use the Tor browser for carrying out transactions mainly for privacy reasons.
  • The number of Monero (XMR) transactions has increased since the beginning of 2018, which has resulted in a drop in the transaction fees drastically.
  • The overall network hash rate of Monero (XMR) has increased in the second half of 2018.

Future Prediction

  • The Monero (XMR) market is to turn bullish.
  • Moreover, with the introduction of the Monero Wallet, things are about change for the better.
  • The Satis Group report predicts that by 2023 the value of Monero (XMR) would surge to over $18,000.


Hence, there is no need for people to ponder anymore regarding this privacy coin. The Monero (XMR) is, by all means, an all-rounder that is presently performing well. Reports also show that Monero (XMR) is continuously innovating in terms of its features that it has to offer to its users. Therefore, you can safely contribute towards Monero (XMR) through any secure online trading software such as the Crypto Code. Read more about Crypto Code here to start your stint with Monero (XMR).