Every year mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. This day is dedicated to honoring moms. Mother’s day is traditionally celebrated with gifts, spa outings and flowers and dining out. This is the third biggest holiday in the US.  It is estimated that around 2.6 million US dollars will be spent on this mother’s day.

Whether you are a small retailer or a big business, mother’s day is good for business as everyone scampers to find the best gifts for the women who have nurtured them and care for them as long as they live.  Nowadays people pamper not just their mothers and mothers-in-law but also all mothers they know –be it a wife, sister or a friend. While the celebrations are good for the psyche of the women marketing has a major role in hyping the celebrations.

How do businesses improve sales for mother’s day?

  1. Promotions: Irrespective of the size of the business, everyone offers promotions during May. They entice customers with money saving schemes and offer combos and coupons to make them buy more after all everyone wants to save money.
  2. Gift wrapping: Stores offer free gift wrapping service to increase their revenue. They use mother-centric wrapping papers to make the gifts appeal to moms and also provide small thank you notes to make the gift even more special.
  3. Hold Events: On this one day everyone wants to make their moms feel special and hence the stores capitalize on that by holding “mom and daughter” or “mom and son” kind of events and offer prizes and coupons and several other special deals.

Businesses adopt several other techniques to attract shoppers and make them spend more on festive occasions.

What can you do differently?

While you must take advantage of all offers and promotions that retail stores offer you can do something different for your mom. You can make an investment for her and introduce her to Crypto Code, an automated trading robot that trades in cryptocurrencies. By teaching her how to operate the account not only will you rekindle the passion for learning in her but you will be also paving way for future savings which will stand good stead in times of trouble.

Passing thoughts

Businesses all over the world have realized the potential of improving their sales revenue during May of each year because that is one time in the year when everyone will buy gifts to please their moms and honor them.