Home Phone Connect Wireless Workshops Tech Tips Video

In this Wireless Workshops tech tips video, Michael E. Crow, retail sales manager with Verizon Wireless, discusses Home Phone Connect and how it can add value to your home phone experience. It allows customers to use the Verizon Wireless network with their home phone, and you can keep the same number you’ve always had.

Using Bluetooth – Wireless Workshops Tech Tips Video

Continuing with our Wireless Workshops Tech Tips series, our newest video features Michael E. Crow, retail sales manager with Verizon, discussing a favorite workshops topic – Bluetooth. Michael notes that many people have preconceived fears of using Bluetooth, and he helps clarify that the uses for Bluetooth go far beyond a head set connected to your device.

Michael also walks through how to connect your phone to a Bluetooth device.

Video: Wireless Workshops Tech Tips – Connecting to WiFi

With so many features and options available on today’s smartphones and tablets, we’re committed to helping Verizon Wireless customers understand the ins and outs of their new device. Part of this process incorporates demystifying certain terms and adding clarity to popular topics. At our free Wireless Workshops, one of the most popular questions asked is, “How do I connect to WiFi on my device?”