Supply and demand of products and services determine their worth and value, anything beyond the price predetermined will give us a profit once traded and anything lesser than a predetermined value will incur a loss for the investor. As we trade in commodities and assets, dealing in something that has no intrinsic, the value will by far be a lesser choice of seasoned traders. When the deep financial crisis hit the global economy the sudden introduction of the cryptocurrency in the traditional market, took most of us by surprise and fear of there being another major showdown.

How do the Cryptocurrency prices work?

  • since its existence for nearly a decade, the crypto world has witnessed many changes, there are more than 1100 coins that are traded in crypto exchanges, some of them have merged in the year 2017 while the others have either faded into thin air, or hacked and robbed of the entire wallets
  • the crypto markets has seen the peeks of both the extremes form surging very high in the exchange to performing very badly in other exchanges, hence the cautious approach off late by the crypto exchanges to follow guidelines that the SEC is gradually inculcating, learn more about the specific policies that the crypto coins have to reveal before trading in several exchanges are experiencing challenges

Though the base currency value fell in global exchanges, with China pumping has seen a record high In many countries having another form of digital coin currencies, exchanging, the market in exchange for crypto coins. The overall market value of the coin currency increased due to the social network, extended media glare on the highly volatile, and liquidity limited currencies that have no intrinsic value, however, are easy and safe to transact, own and transfer, with all the transactions recorded in the blockchain.

Can we predict the CryptoCurrency Prices?

  • the complex mathematical calculations that have gone to mine those encrypted digital codes, that opens only with your assigned keys are highly unpredictable owing to the market conditions,
  • the entire algorithm written can be re-written according to the past history of incidents that leads to a huge fall  in the economy
  • using trading platforms like BTC Profit  to increase the pricing by trading heavily without understanding the markets will be highly risky, investing in small amounts, and letting the automated trading to happen will give an idea about the probable chances of making profit.